We are committed to promoting awareness and establishing facilities for addressing and solving the issues relating to conservation & protection of natural resources & environment, and providing dignified living to senior citizens on a strict no profit no loss basis.We have, in the same light set up a recreation center cum library in Gurgaon (Farruk Nagar) open to all senior citizens and elderly of the state.

We have associated in the past with prestigious institutions like the Public Health Engineering Department, deploying innovative and far-reaching methods such asthe mime arts and to raise awareness and harness support. The Recreation center is our newest project towards the upliftment of senior citizensthat we are pledged to.

The population of the elderly (above the age of 60) in Haryana, as in the whole country, has steadily risen over the decades after independence. According to the 2011 census, over 6% of Haryana’s population comprises of the elderly who, in the progressive age of nuclear families and increased economical pressure, find themselves abandoned and sidelined by their family in their time of need. The government has made efforts to safeguard their economical, health and legal interests but these safeguards are yet to adequately trickle down to the beneficiaries who need at this hour an environment that cares for and empowers them.