Care for the Lonely Elders

In today’s age, people give more preference to their materialistic needs and goals while poorly taking care of their aged parents or leaving behind their families altogether. When parents are old, a lot of individuals also refuse to bear their burdens. While chasing their dreams, people forget to be a helping hand for those who brought them into this world.

Our foundation helps ease the lives of such ageing parents, residents of Farukh Nagar village in Haryana, who have been residing there for decades while their children have set off to nearby metropolitan cities in search for better jobs and wages.

Our centre is a safe space for all who want to socialise outside of their homes, especially the elders. Apart from having a library that has a wide selection of Hindi and English books, there are board games and a TV lounge for entertainment. The centre is visited by doctors from various medical departments on a fortnight basis to provide free medical treatment and consultation.

The residents of the village also gather there to hold their village panchayats. A team of para-legal volunteers under Haryana State Legal Services Authority (HALSA) also visits the premises on a regular basis to resolve any legal issues and queries of the residents, free of cost. Events are also organised to celebrate festivals where residents’ participation is encouraged.

No one can help everyone,
but everyone can help someone

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