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As a result of the careless mismanagement of existing water resources in India, the country is heading towards such a huge crisis that the solution could take years to rectify the harm already done, not to mention the ongoing condition.

What’s more, the over exploitation of the country’s natural resources and massive industrialization have caused enormous environmental degradation and scarcity. And it is this exploitation that’s going to have devastating after affects and serious consequences for years to come.

Add to that, the shocking living conditions of the poor are progressively getting worse than before. And the family system is also progressively changing, not necessarily for the better. The younger generations are seeking more modern and exclusive lifestyles to blend with the changing times. More inclined towards the likes of the nuclear family and are abandoning their elders and leaving them to helplessly fend for their own emotional and health care needs.

It’s more than crystal clear clear that India is crying out for a change and that too a radical change. And only our combined efforts can make that possible. But we must act now.

We Foundation- a non-government organization registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860- is Committed towards the preservation of nature and all her resources as well as promising the poor better lifestyles and living conditions so that they may live with dignity, strictly on a no-profit-no-loss basis.

The primary aim of the We Foundation is to promote and instill awareness especially in school children and the youth in general because it is the youth that will carry on radical changes for our nation and planet. Together, we can utilize our natural resources more wisely so that our nation thrives and prospers with abundance as we march on to a brighter future.

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