Preserving the Environment

Climate change is real. The shrinking coral reefs, high temperatures in polar regions and heaps of plastic in our water bodies are just few facts that should warn us of the catastrophic end that is to come if the environment is not preserved and revered today. We Foundation has always believed in working towards a sustainable tomorrow.

We believe that we can condition today’s youth to be more environment-conscious however there is a lack of healthy discourse around the issue, especially amongst economically lower sections of the society. For this reason, our non-profit organisation has conducted multiple workshops across schools in many of Haryana’s villages to spread awareness regarding the importance of environmental conservation.

During these workshops, a mime team working for the NGO has played a vital role in spreading across the importance of preservation of the environment. Apart from storytelling, we have also held seminars about simple measures that can be taken on an every-day basis to reduce wastage of water and accumulation of plastic. We have also encouraged the children to draw their ideas of environmental conservation in painting or sketching competitions.

Every individual is a change agent and we are bridging the gap between awareness and the youth in rural areas of the country.

No one can help everyone,
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