Who we are

We foundation, a non-government organization, founded in the years of 2010 duly registered the under provisions of the societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 with the object to provide welfare of the Deprived Children, Old aged and spread information & awareness about Improving Environment. We foundation has made several efforts to meet its ambitious object , focusing rural Area, by organizing several Campaign , awareness program , old aged home, awareness about Environment focusing on water cleaning and painting of tree etc. We foundation also extended free legal-Aid to the economically weaker section or other deserving people.

Area of work:-

  • Clean, pure and safe water to prevention and cure of water born diseases.
  • Use of Non-conventional energy.
  • Skill development by give vocational training to unskilled labor.
  • Dignified living to the have-nots.
  • Emotional and physical health care to lonely elders.

Our mission:-

This organization is strongly committed towards human rights, sustainable development and consistent justice within society. Being able to access information is critical in order to ensure that communication runs smoothly between all different sectors. Want to sustain natural resources for future generation by promoting awareness and adopt remedial steps to conservation and protection of natural resources and environment. Make every worker as a skilled worker.

Journey of We foundation:-


  • Campaign on water conservation
  • Various activities in different Govt. schools Gurugram(Haryana)
  • Painting competition, Children's rally, Nukkad natak (MIME show)
  • Tree plantation to save environment
  • Program on water conservation
  • Program conducted on water conservation in 17 villages of Haryana in association with IEC

2012 - 2014 Legal support

  • Give legal aid to need person with the help of various camp Establish library
  • Give shelter to old age person in age aid home
  • User of non-convential energy
  • Create awareness regarding benefits of using renewable energy for the improvement of rural community.
  • Vocational training to unskilled labor
  • Conduct workshop imparting skill training to un skilled labor

Why everyone should “Adopt a cause”:-

“We foundation” we believe in starting small and making a big difference. We believe that the key to dealing with these mega Causes still remains at an individual level. We believe if one individuals of one organization, dedicatedly works towards one cause, at least it is sufficient to make a monumental change in the society.

We foundation want support and co-operation to change tough civil behavior like not using public toilets, demand dowry, non proper waste disposal etc. To adopt healthy food habits, living with sanitation, want contribution to control traffic by using public transport to reduce pollution, use of Non-conventional energy to sustainability of greener environment. To spread education and awareness.

These are the cause which can be adopted by any individual:-

  • Garbage disposal awareness program.
  • Two dustbin system in every household.
  • More dustbins in public and awareness program.
  • Rain water harvesting.
  • Say no to dowry.
  • Tree plantation.
  • Use of recyclable material.
  • Energy saving awareness campaigning.
  • Switch to solar campaign.
  • Anti smoking campaign.
  • Anti bribing awareness campaign.
  • Women safety laws and legal awareness campaign.

Healthy food

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Pure water

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Medical care

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Alice Boyd, co-founder

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We can't help everyone,
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